Wholesale Terms + Conditions

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We have put together a guide to get you started on your wholesale account.

Wholesale accounts:

  • Minimum order: $350.
  • Due to the for-purpose nature of our product line, we are unable to offer any further discount. Each item is created with the purpose of providing medical treatment for women receiving cancer treatment.  

Prices / Payments

  • We reserve the right to alter prices at any time unless prior invoiced
  • Goods must not be marked-up or marked-down without written consent of The Akazi Project. For retail pricing, refer to our line sheet, order invoice, or website - www.akazi.us
  • All orders must be prepaid; we are unable to offer accounts for partial payments. No orders will be processed until full payment is received.
  • Orders may be canceled within 10 business days of the order placement and must be before the order has been shipped. 

Shipping Costs and Delivery

  • In-person delivery available (preferred!) in San Diego County
  • All The Akazi Project products are shipped from our office in Spring Valley, California.
  • The retailer incurs the shipping costs, import duties or any other taxes that your country may levy.
  • Shipment is typically within 7-12 days of receiving payment.

Damage Claims - Refund / Replacement

  • If any product that is damaged in transit, please contact The Akazi Project within 3 days of delivery.
  • After validation, we will send replacement/refund any products damaged in transit.

Sales outlets / Websites and online sales

  • You are only authorized to sell through your retail store and website that you have informed us about. Any secondary sales channels must receive prior written approval.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  • All of the designs, products, and content within and any materials made available on the website are sole property of The Akazi Project. The design, products, images, and content within are protected by copyright and intellectual property law and may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of The Akazi Project. You are in agreeance to not reprint, post, or copy any photography, sales materials, or product designs without the advance, express written consent of The Akazi Project. 


  • Upon payment, you are in agreeance that all Akazi pieces will be marketed, sold, and transferred using the provided "The Akazi Project" displays and media. Removing The Akazi Project branding/merchandise tags from items being sold in your business establishment and/or swapping the branding/merchandise tags for your own business establishments branding and/or using any branding other than The Akazi Project when selling pieces from The Akazi Project collection is prohibited. 


  • Any personal information that you provide to us including your name, address, telephone number, and email address will be treated confidentially and will not be released, sold or rented to any entities or individuals outside of The Akazi Project. The Akazi Project does not collect or record any credit card details you may provide when purchasing from The Akazi Project without prior consent.

We reserve the right to discontinue wholesale partnerships as a result of breaking any terms & conditions stated above. 


We can’t wait to work with you!

Last updated July 2020