Care for Gold-Filled

The Akazi Promise to bring you the BEST quality 14k/18k gold-filled jewelry. The only thing that could make it better is solid gold but when creating Akazi we wanted to be inclusive and offer quality pieces you can wear for years to come without a wild price tag. This is how we decided on gold-filled, its an affordable but luxurious finish that we’re 100 percent ready to back!

We hope to answer all of your burning questions here like: “Is this real gold?” or “Will I turn green after wearing this for 5 minutes?” - Our 14k gold-filled pieces can last years to come. While we guarantee quality, there are a few things that can affect the wear of your jewelry and help it to last longer. Alright, lets dive in to the details:

Q: First: What is gold-filled?

“Gold-filled” is the USA industry standard that required 1/20 pure gold by weight. This regulated process bonds multiple layers of solid gold over a core of high quality jewelers metal. From this we get a super durable high quality gold product. Gold filled is a little bit of a misnomer since it's bonded on the outside.

Q: Is it real gold?

You bet! Thick layers of 14k gold on the outside of a jewelers brass or sterling silver core.

Filled vs. Plated Ah… our favorite.

Q: Is gold-filled better than plated?

No shade, but 100% yes, it is always better.

Gold plated is a flash plating (basically spray painting) over a base metal - this is thin and not adhered to a non-specified metal. Gold filled is pressure bonded to the high quality jewelers brass core.

Q: Will it turn my skin green?

Nah, girl. Very rarely will someones body chemistry react with 14k gold ( were talking 0.001% of people)

If you have jewelry that does this, it's most likely gold plated or brass.

How to tell? Mostly this comes down to price point. Pay a little more for something that will last. You won't find us using gold plated because we want this piece to stay with you as something you cherish, not a one time wear and ditch because it made you look like the hulk.

Q: Does gold-filled tarnish?

Over time it may dull its shine but 14k gold-filled really won’t tarnish for a very long time. While its possible, we have some tips to prevent this below!

Q: Does it have nickel?

Not in this house!

Lets talk longevity and care:

How do we make gold-filled last? This comes down to a few things like, what it comes in contact with, what other chemicals end up on it from daily wear, stay stays on it for extended periods and how you store it.

Caring for your golden baby:

14k gold-filled really will last you for years! But, when mixed with chemicals that get left on the surface of your jewelry it can darken them. The following are ways that will speed up the oxidation process that causes jewelry to darken:

Hot tubs/pools - you’re giving your jewelry a chemical bath thats a little too harsh for it. Take it off before a dip.

Your body chemistry - Everyones hormones vary and mixed with other chemicals (lotions, perfumes etc) can cause that process to speed up! This includes sweat. Try taking your gold-filled jewelry off before that SoulCycle class for a long lasting wear.

Beauty Products - Sunscreen, hairspray, lotions end up getting on (and staying on) your precious gold and should be cleaned off to avoid build up!

Easy Gold-Filled TLC: 

We’ve been rocking our gold-filled pieces for years and they still look great. Here are some ways to care for your jewelry to keep it looking fresh.


Remove makeup or oils with a soft cloth (like a lens cloth). If you know its gotten product/sweat on it, give it a rinse with warm water and dry with a cloth. (admittedly, I do this in the shower). A bonus step is taking them off when you sleep. (Lets be honest, I'm not doing this)

Deep(ish) clean

So you brunched hard, you were out in the sun with your SPF 35 ….it needs help.

Use a bowl of warm water with a little mild soap and let it soak for a minute or so. Scrub gently with a toothbrush, getting into the chain where product builds up. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth before storing/wearing.


Oxidation happens when exposed to chemicals but also added airflow. Store your clean piece in a low humidity environment with an airtight container. Some people used ziplock bags!


We hope this was helpful. Please contact us with any questions you have about your new piece!